Sausage, Spock, and Some Really Choice Lipgloss

I started the 10,000 Pageview celebration with a video post this morning, but I didn’t have time to upload the video before dashing out the door for work. It’s silliness, as per usual, but I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Remember to leave a comment with your idea for a new The Outside Lane tagline! You can win a great, personalized prize.

And if you’re wondering how the sausage looked once the hair was finished and the work clothes applied:

7 responses to “Sausage, Spock, and Some Really Choice Lipgloss”

  1. Lane,
    you make me laugh out loud. Great result!
    You are a brave woman. And the only woman I have ever seen putting on mascara without making some strange shape with the mouth! I had NO thing for Parker Stevenson or Shaun Cassidy but ask me and I’ll tell you sometime about taking Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennet to dinner in Moscow. We’re all connected…in the oddest ways!
    Thanks for the fun video!

    1. I actually gasped when I read that! LOL. I guess I still have a crush on Spock.

    2. oh…my heavens…Nimoy!!

      and what are you wearing, Lane?

      1. In the video, I am wearing one of Bryan’s discarded t-shirts. In the photo, I am wearing an embroidered smock I found at TJ Maxx last summer. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

  2. Okay, I tried a smoky eye today (two, even!) and it turned out rather well!

    1. Excellent! Did you like Kandee’s tutorials?

  3. just a suggestion…in case you find yourself with the urge to sneeze while applying mascara, if you will simply place your finger underneath your eye before you sneeze you will leave the smudges on your finger instead of under your eye. 🙂

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