I am feeling better today. At least, I am feeling well enough to whistle, which means my mood is better. I’m one of those. Humming. Whistling. Singing to myself.

Oh, that reminds me.

One of my life’s most humiliating moments–no, two of them–come from singing to myself and thinking no one could hear, oh, but many people could hear. There is little worse (for me) than getting caught out warbling to myself. Especially when warbling twee C&W.

Thor took a fall yesterday. He said another child knocked him down accidentally, and he just ate pavement. He landed on his face, and from the skid marks on his nose, it looks like someone was trying to use him to play Angry Birds.

His skin is grated, from the top of his nose to his chin, and both upper and lower lips were busted, and the gum above his top left front tooth is bruised dark purple and black. It’s pretty awful looking.

The worst thing is that he said the fall hurt so bad, he couldn’t even get up by himself. He said another mama helped him. I have no idea who that woman is, but I want to thank her. And thank goodness for every person who helps the helpless, you know? I am grateful to the people who pick up the toppled toddlers, and–

Ending this post now because I realized I have forgotten to send a thank you/praise letter to Thor’s afterschool care. Always send thank yous to people who are good to your children!

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