Fevered Brain

I have a doctor’s appointment for Monday morning. I wonder if I’ll still have a fever then? I’ve run between 100 and 101.7 for the past 3 days. While my brain is simmering at a low 100.3 today, I have written and discarded several entries. I have severe cabin fever. I have severe, “What am I doing with my life?” I have severe, “We are never going to be able to sell that house and something horrible is going to happen I just know it!” I am also suffering from “I am fat!” and “Why can’t it just be summer already?!” My tolerance for winter has grown very short. Who needs sweater weather? Not me. Go away, winter!

I’m sitting here in Thor’s bedroom, while he takes a bath. I’m not so water phobic that I stay in the bathroom with him now (he needs his privacy, you know), but I do like to be where I can hear him. Then, if it gets too quiet, I can save my bath salt from his nefarious doings. We share a bathroom, Thor and I. My marriage is good because B and I have never shared a bathroom. I really think that would be our undoing. That is the Samson’s Hair of our relationship.

Why? Because he shaves his head and doesn’t clean up the clippings, and squeezes the toothpaste from the middle, and because I have more hair appliances than Sally’s Beauty Supply, and need room for makeup.

So, when we start looking at houses (after we sell the one I am afraid we will never sell and will be forced to move back into, though I think foreclosure would be a happier option for me because I hate it there, but I am an adult and will do what I must to maintain my credit rating), we either need to look at 3 bathrooms, or B needs to decide that he will be sharing with Thor, once the child is old enough to be horrified that he is sharing with his mother. Oh, my First World problems are so First World.

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