I posted this on Facebook earlier: I went to bed early with chills, and Thor came and climbed in behind me. I asked, “Are you coming to keep me warm?” Thor said, “Yes, Mama. I am that little thing that will always keep you warm.” And suddenly, I wasn’t cold at all. ♥

I could picture me 80 years old, Thor at my side, arm around me to knock off the chill, loving me for who I was to him, and still warming my world.

He has no idea how right he is. Oh my word. That child is the light, the heat, the good in my world. I am constantly amazed at how overwhelming my love for him is. Takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes.

And he is a good, sweet boy.

I walked to pick him up from after-school care today, for various reasons, and we walked home by the canals. Ducks and geese were everywhere. Thor, gentle as a lamb, crept over to the edge of the water, calling, “Hello, little ones. Hello. Aren’t you nice little ones? You are. You are.” And the ducks swam over and quacked at him. Two got out and shook their tails toward him, then quacked some more. He was delighted, praising them and telling them what good ducks they were.

He’s mine. I am prejudiced; I know. But, I see this whole other person where my baby once was, and this person is kind, and considerate, and is someone I really like. He is smart, and curious, and he has proven that he understands counting the cost before taking action (and weighs out the pros and cons of doing what he wants, versus what I want–sometimes he chooses unwisely, but he never complains about the punishment. He knew it was coming, and he made a conscious choice.) He is stubborn and he is sweet, and he is just an interesting human being.

There is a peace about him. He is largely untroubled. I know the world will wear against that, but it’s sure a good place to start.

And, he is that little thing that will always keep me warm.