I tried on all my dresses last night, and just stood there frowning at myself. Nothing looked as good as I imagined that one dress would, so on my lunch today, I went to the store of The One Dress and found it in what I thought were my sizes. Happily, I was way wrong about which size I wore, but unhappily, I did not fit into any size. One was way too big. The next size down was too big, and the size down from that wouldn’t even zip up the back. What is up with that? How can a dress be so big I can spin it around my body, and the size down be so tight I can’t even zip it?

Fortunately, The One Dress (which I wanted in navy) did not look nearly so lovely in person. What looked like a lovely drape was actually an overlay that was sewn into little pintucks all along the side seam, making it look like someone had pinched, then sewn, creating the illusion of drape–also belying the realism of cheap, given that the zipper was sewn into the overlay. It is hard to make chiffon lay right in a zipper, and even harder to make it look right when it is sewn into a zipper as part of three layers of fabric. I was sad.

I’m still a little sad! But it had to be cut funny because the hips fit beautifully, but I was swimming in the bust.

I’ll try Ross tonight. Ross rarely lets me down.

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