Good Times

A billion years ago, at least it feels that way, I worked for a tiny staffing agency. I had been trying to get hired on at KCM for years, but having only banking experience, I had no computer skills and could barely type 30 wpm. One of the perks of the staffing job was that I would have access to the full training database, and could build skills while I worked. I was able to learn Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and all that good stuff. Buying a PC and connecting to the internet is how I built my typing speed. Chats go fast!

This was one of those jobs where I was fortunate to have really great coworkers. I enjoyed the girls I worked with, and was always thankful that they put up with me. I used to get lost when I was delivering checks. I got so lost one day, it took me two hours to find my way back to the office. My sense of direction: Lacking. Also, they were all teensy and adorable, and very energetic, and were in their early 20s compared to my then-ancient-feeling 27/28. I always felt like a She-Hulk next to them. I was the Khloe of the office Kardashians. But they were welcoming and kind to me, and very helpful.

TJ and I were leaving an errand today, when a silver SUV rolled up, and the window came down. It was one of my coworkers! Still teeny, still adorable, still just as perky. What a lovely surprise. Really.

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