Missing Things

I am amazed at how much of the stuff we left behind, I do not miss at all. Really amazed. To date, the only things I’ve found myself wanting are:

1. My knives
2. My Le Creuset cookware
3. My black boots–how did those get left behind?!
4. A couple of makeup items that I went ahead and replaced
5. My electric fireplace

I have not missed a single other thing.

Before we left, really packing only the bare necessities to get ourselves started, I made a deal with myself that whatever I didn’t miss, didn’t ever come into the townhouse. I see a very large donation to Goodwill in my future. And I see a very large bag of makeup trash coming out of my bathroom.

Thing is, I’ve never had “just a little bit” before. I have tried to pare my world down to a minimum, but never achieved it until now. I think I’m at a minimum because I only have 4 pair of work trousers to rotate. Ha! I am still not at a minimum, unless you count my kitchen, but I am closer to it than I have ever been. It feels good.

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