We are moved! Whew.

That is, we have moved everything we need from the country house into the town house, and will now work toward preparing the country house for sale. Then, after we sell it, we will move out of the leased town house and buy a new home, at which time we will move again. P.S. I forgot my knives and cookware, but I got all my shoes. This should tell you all you need to know about my kitchen prowess.

My jewelry cabinet fared well! That is, my jewelry inside the cabinet fared well. I nearly destroyed the cabinet itself. My mother gave me some furniture slides a while back, and I used those to move the cabinet. Those things are AMAZING, by the way. If you have to move any furniture, or anything heavy I highly recommend them. It was going well until I tripped, then the cabinet fell like a tree and I cried like a lumberjack. Don’t you bet it is an ugly thing when a lumberjack cries?

B came running into the room, assuming from the commotion and my wails that I had split myself in two. I sobbed and pointed, and wailed some more. I’m blaming stress. That and all I could think was, “Mom paid god knows how much for this for me, and I have destroyed it! Destroyed! I will never have anything this nice again!”

But, I had wrapped the cabinet well enough that none of the mirrors cracked, and the only damage was done to one of the top corners. Thank Grilled Cheezus for bubble wrap!

Even having been dropped and moved, and bounced around in a truck, all my jewelry stayed put in the sticky saran wrap. The earrings that were jogged out of place stuck to the wrap, so it was very easy to keep everything in tact. Happy!

Thor loves the new place. I am very comfortable and happy in the new place. B likes it and is very happy about how it changed our commutes.

Driving home the other day, I was thinking about how fortunate we are. We have worked hard for what we have, yes, but there are other people who have worked just as hard, and harder. We are very blessed and fortunate, and grateful for what we have. I am very thankful.

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