It Gets Better

No, it really doesn’t.

We have all kinds of campaigns aimed at convincing children that bullying stops, character assassinations decrease, and that in the magical world of the grown-up, we are free to be ourselves without judgment.  Lies.

The truth is apparent in our political advertising, our entertainment reporting, our need for fair hiring practices, and our desperate need for corporate harassment and diversity training courses.  It doesn’t get better, you just get better at deflecting, ignoring, responding and redirecting with age and maturity.

I am lately dismayed by a fat hating, body shaming piece in Marie Claire (no link because I don’t want to give it hits), truly shocking personal attacks in political campaigns, and am feeling particularly angry over a blogger’s hypocrisy when it comes to outing gay celebrities.  See, we can’t keep kids from bullying each other to death because adults are the worst perpetrators of all.

I don’t complain about the ignorance or idiocies of youth because we’ve all been there.  We have all been jackhole teenagers.  But I rail against adults who still think it is cute to act like fools.

Let’s tell the truth.  “It” doesn’t get better, but “you” can.  You can grow and mature, and you can rise above the street juice and be part of an adult world where you can start making a difference in molding children.  In a few generations, with enough effort, maybe “it” will get better.  Until then?  You gotta just hang in there and keep riding that pig.

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