Oooh, cobwebs!

Er… I’ve been busy?

I have, and I haven’t. Since June, I haven’t had access to this blog from my office–I did most of my blogging from work in my downtime. Since August, when Thor started school, our whole schedule has shifted. This means that by the time I get home, get dinner on the table, get the boy’s homework done, and get him ready for bed, I have completely forgotten I ever had a blog in the first place. This is why I will never be a paid blogger.

Today, I am sitting in the hallway, outside of the bathroom, giving Thor some privacy while he bathes (but still indulging my concern about his well being. He’s out of sight, but I can hear everything.) I have already run through all the usual pages I read, and thought it might be a good time to update. Of course, having sat down to write, I find I have nothing to say.

Rather, I have plenty to say, but not anything I want the whole world to know. And this being the internet…

I do have a book deal now. My writing partner (who is the go-getter of the two of us), has been submitting our work for publication for a decade. Someone finally bit. Maybe this time next year, I’ll have a book out. Meanwhile, I am waiting to learn what happens in the editing process, and wondering how much the book will resemble what we actually wrote.

I am trying to keep a lid on my excitement, having been a frequent target of Murphy’s Law and all, but it keeps boiling out of the pot.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.

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