My fear of sharks in swimming pools is strange. I am only really afraid when doing the crawl, or when I can’t touch bottom, and then it is worse when my feet are exposed. I blame the first chapter of Jaws. Since I like to swim the crawl, and since I have been having some mild panic at the gym, I decided to get some new swim fins. See, with fins on, my toes covered, I feel better. But I can hardly wear full sized fins in a lap pool. Solution? Kiddie fins.

I wear a pretty small shoe. I can wear a child size 4. I found myself a little fin/mask/snorkle set. Problem solved! I can swim happily ever after. Especially considering it is a Disney princess set.

That’s right. I am rocking Disney princess fins at the gym, along with my serious speedo, serious swim cap, and serious racing goggles.

If any of you run across a twitter feed with a woman of this description, please let me know. I want to enjoy being gymtertainment.

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