Jungle Gems

Having some issues loading photos today, so if you’re interested in this morning’s polyvore set, you can find it here.  Today it’s the short sleeved, safari jacket worn over an opaque, black camisole and peg leg trousers, with leopard print, maryjane ballet flats.  For accessories, I have on a two toned, round face watch and my wedding set.  No earrings today.  I was feeling lazy.

On camisoles and the workplace:  If it looks like lingere, do not wear it as a shell.  No matter how cute the lacy trim looks peeping out of your tailored jacket (and I do think that looks cute), lingere type camis make it look like you are power brokering humans.  Tell you what, though, if I could get away with a version of Madonna’s power suit/bustier from the Express Yourself video, that would be my uniform.  Minus the garter straps hanging out, I love that look.  It’s just grossly in appropriate for the office.

I am working on an article for That’s What She Said regarding sexy office wear.  Surely you can guess where I come down on the issue.

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