Women Worth Knowing: Meet Jill

Charlcye invited me to lunch one day to meet and welcome one of our coworkers from the Field.  Her name was Jill, and she was flying into Headquarters for the first time.  Part of our job was to make sure our partners in the Field knew how valued they were, and that we were there to make life easier for them.  Some people made that job more challenging than others, and then there were the team members like Jill, who made it a pleasure.

That also happens to be the best word to describe her.  Jill is an absolute pleasure.  She is a smiling, delightful, candidly happy woman, who more than lights up a room.  She lightens a room.  That is, she lifts the weight of the world from it with the effervescence of her spirit.  She is champagne in human form.

Jill is a good leader because you want to follow her.  Who wouldn’t want to follow her?  She is realistically optimistic, trustworthy, and knows her business.  If you’re asking her about numbers, you can take her answer to the bank.  If you’re asking her about people, you know she’s thought it through.  She gets results because she drives for them, but also because she makes you feel so darned good about being in the car with her.

When she responded with the answers to her profile questions, she added a little note.  I share it because it is an example of every communication I have ever had with her, professional or personal.  She builds up her contacts with sincerity and sweetness, and that makes her utterly irresistible.  Jill said, “I do remember flying into Dallas for a wedding in 2002, and I wanted to see the big [corporate headquarters.]  So Charlcye and you, and someone else met me, took me to lunch, and I got the star treatment tour. I remember thinking wow… These beautiful women are so cool and so nice ….weird!!! No cattiness and I was in love at first sight!! Aside from you and Charlcye always always always picking up your phone and emailing right back whatever I needed, you two really helped me grow and want to do well!”  See what I mean?  How could we not want to do anything in the world for her?

Meet Jill.

Name:  Jill

Age range: 30s but say forever 29.99 plus tax

Preferred job title: leader and trainer

Industry: retail retail retail

Who am I? I am a high-spirited sometimes misunderstood person that is always thirsty for change. I thrive on high stress and new adventures and am an organized mess.  I believe there is a reason for everything and all will turn out just fine… If not better. My eyes continue to strain to see things clearly for what they really are and I can find good in everything. Maybe in denial??

I believe in karma and God and I have lived a truly blessed life that I admit I did not even appreciate until I went on a medical mission to Rwanda Africa. Beautiful people!!

My family: I have an awesome husband, Kevin, of 14 years on 7-27 at 7pm, who stands by me in every crazy idea I come up with. My parents just this weekend retired and are moving to Indiana where they grew up and met.  Heartache! I am so Daddy’s little girl! They are fabulous parents who taught me my strong work ethic, respect for myself and others, and [they] never judge me!

I have a great stepson who is almost 18 and just received a full ride academic scholarship to Kentucky! Very proud!
I have 2 kitties that I took in as strays and we just got a puppy Hank who is in k-9 academy for 2 more weeks! Wish me luck…

First hour of the day: Procrastination and snooze button a few times! I dislike mornings! Mom said I was born at noon and truly that is when I would like to start my day 😉  The last hour is making my next to do list that never ends but I get great satisfaction from crossed out lines and check marks.  Maybe take my makeup off… Maybe not…

What makes me feel successful: Going home at the end of the day knowing I helped others and gave my best to my team and my customers.  Seeing others around me grow spiritually and professionally. I live to make people smile and feel appreciated.

What brings me joy: Red licorice, diet Pepsi, new pjs, not getting up early, pink cherry blossom trees.  African children with their ginormous smiles.  Opening up a door for someone who needs it, randomly paying for the car behind me in a drive thru anonymously.  Music music music! I heart music! I must have music playing at all times possible. Sometimes the song in my head doesn’t quite match up 🙂

What women do I admire:
Famous: I admire Oprah for speaking her mind and not waffling, for accepting what shape she may be at that moment and for changing the way I look at things.
I also admire my mom for working so hard and doing without so many gets so we could have nice things!

What do you like best about your closest friend: That she can pick up wherever we left off no matter length of time and not make me feel guilty.  For telling me the truth: yes you do have food in your teeth or a bat in the cove boogie 😉

What do you like best about yourself: I like that I can keep falling and keep getting back up again. I like that I am meeting new people who bring good into my life. I do like having green eyes.

What advice would you give to boys about girls? Always edify your mom and partner in front of anyone.
Always wear clean underwear when traveling, and it will stop hurting when the pain goes away.  Girls are like sourpatch gummies. Sweet on the inside if you give them time to melt 🙂

How do I overcome adversity: I [do it by having] confidence and by loving all kinds of people, striped, polka-dotted. Plaid doesn’t matter to me and I can get along with almost everyone…the ones I can’t .. I still try and pray for peace in their lives and I believe there is a reason deeper than I can see or know as to why they act the way they do .

How would you like to be remembered? With a big smile making a difference in my world close to me and far from me and that I never quit and gave up trying and learning.  As a great daughter, wife, stepmom, sister and friend.

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