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40 in 52

Several of my friends have either had, or are gearing up to have gastric bypass, or lap band surgery.  I’ll tell you, seeing the weight the ones who have finished the process have dropped, I’m envious.  That is, my first thought is always, “Geez!  I wish I could drop Xlbs in Xweeks!  Where’s my magic bullet?!”

Then, I remember.  There is no magic bullet.  My friends who have had surgery can attest to that.  There are the months of working to be qualified for surgery, the hoping that your insurance will approve it, the weeks of pre-op fasting before the major surgery itself.  After that it is weeks of recovery on a liquid diet, building yourself back into solid foods while you build your body back into health, and then it is maintenance–just like I have to deal with maintenance.  It’s hard, hard work.

I say, as I place my order for cheese enchiladas.  LOL


Happy. That about covers it.

One thought on “40 in 52

  1. Plus there’s the fact that many people gain the weight back after the surgery anyway. In the time it would take to get qualified, get approved, fast, and recover, you could have lost the weight without the major surgical intervention and life-long damage to health – particularly since you only want to lose 40 lb! I’m not against surgical intervention for morbid obesity, but you ain’t.

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