Howling Sea Lane

Fat Jokes

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an entry about not making fun of people’s looks, and especially not taking and posting pictures of strangers for the purpose of mocking them.

Today on, Natalie Perkins posts about her experience, having had her picture used without permission, posted on a site dedicated to making fun of fat women. Imagine it’s you.

It’s about human beings and their feelings, but it is also about who we are as a society. Are we really people who are more comfortable pointing and laughing than we are a people happy to welcome diversity outside of what Anna Wintour says should be the norm?

We are not fair game for one another. It is not open season on whatever we think falls outside of our scope of desirability. We’re either in this together, or we aren’t. And trust me, we’re in this together.

You want to take people to task over actions and issues? Do it! But leave the looks alone. If the joke is too easy, don’t debase your humor by making it. That means you don’t tell Natalie Perkins to lose weight, you don’t tell Angelina Jolie to gain weight, and you stop making fun of people who feel like their only chance at a good life is going under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Dig deeper. Find something funnier.

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