All in how you Look at it

I used to work with a girl who had the best style.  Don’t you love looking at well put together people?  She was one of those.  Everything went together, and everything was Anne Taylor crisp and Papagallo pretty. 

We were in a lull one day and I asked her about a necklace she was wearing.  Turned out, it was a charm from a bracelet that she had decided would look better as a pendant.  She happened to be wearing the rest of the bracelet.  She showed me how she picked the chain based on the weight of the charm, and the color and texture of the metal.  Impressed and feeling like I’d just been given the keys to the kingdom, I’ve been cannibalizing jewelry ever since.

Brooches become belt buckles or hair accessories.  Earrings become epaulets and pins, or shoe accessories.  Belts become necklaces.  Everything is multi-purpose.

This morning I stopped by Walgreens to buy a new lock, since I lost the combination to mine.  Key lock this time.  On the way out, I saw a bin of hair accessories on sale for fifty cents each.  Digging through, I found this…hair thing?  It was a heavy sterling rectangle with Navajo looking markings in faded Southwestern colors, with tiny dangles, attached to a hair band.  I don’t know.  I don’t see how you could wear this in your hair unless your ponytail weighed ten pounds.

However, I could totally see it as a necklace!  And for fifty cents?  I grabbed it.  Tonight, I will take it off the hair band and put it on a leather thong and wear it happily.

Thank you, Sharon, for showing me the light!

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