Women Worth Knowing: Meet Nicole

I met Nicole in a fan forum where we were writing a round robin style spy caper.  She was writing a spy who was a master of disguise, and I got quite a laugh when she disguised herself as a drum kit.  We started chatting and discovered a very similar taste in music, though her knowledge of it far surpasses mine, and a similar sense of humor.  Ten years later, Nicole is part of my every day life.  We chat almost every night, keeping up with each others families and friends, and writing. She is one Thor’s Aunties.

Nicole is a solid, good friend, who can be counted on for anything.  She is kind and creative, and impressively loyal.  I think what I like best about her is that she doesn’t stand for status quo in her life.  She is consistently moving forward, even when it looks like an uphill battle, striving to better herself and achieve her goals.

She is in the process of making some big life changes right now, and I’m impressed by the dedication and determination with which she is going after them, working to make things better for herself and for her mother.  That’s a great team right there.  Maybe I can get Nicole to Q&A her mom.

Until then, Meet Nicole.

Name: Nic
Age Range: 30s…barely
Preferred Job Title: Sr. Service Rep/Author
Industry: At the moment–Dental Insurance. Someday–publishing.

Who are you? That’s a hard question. I think I’m always in the process of learning who I am. I’m a woman, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a romantic. Each of these and sometimes all at once.
Describe your family: My mother, me, our dog. I lost my father last summer and I’m still adjusting to the void. I know I never will.
What does the first hour of your day look like? Cursing my alarm, then finally getting up and driving to work. I usually am not fully awake for a few hours.
The last hour? I am usually online at night. Writing, playing games. Reading or watching movies sometimes.
What makes you feel successful? Making it through the day without losing my mind. I know I’m not perfect and when I can make myself realize that even the smallest task can lead to accomplishment, I always feel better for it.
What brings you joy? Writing, my mother, my dog, my friends
What women do you admire? First and foremost, my mother. I know a large percentage of women would say the same thing, but my mother survived her abusive childhood and married a man who needed more tending than any woman should have to handle. She always loved him and me with everything she had and she’s my best friend. I am also fortunate enough to have an extensive number of friends–the writer of this blog, par example–who are strong, smart, funny women and I admire them all for different reasons.
What do you like best about yourself? My mind. My imagination saves me from despair more often than not.
What were you like in first, sixth, and twelfth grades? 1st: Quiet, inquisitive. I didn’t know that people could be mean until I was in school. 6th: Introvert. I was the fat girl at school. Every class has one. I was her. Boys were mean and girls were meaner. 12th: Settled. I was an outcast and a misfit and so were my friends. I had a handful of real friends then and always a place where I belonged.

What advice would you give yourself at each of those ages? 1st: It won’t always be this way . 6th: They feel just as bad about themselves as they make you feel.  12th: These are some of the best times of your life. Enjoy them.

How do you want to be remembered? As a good friend, a caring person. I think, mostly, I just want to be remembered.

2 responses to “Women Worth Knowing: Meet Nicole”

  1. Kareema Griest Avatar

    Nicole is DEFINITELY worth knowing!!!!

    I’ve known Nicole for over 25 years – she has been my best frioend, my sister, my rock, my confidante, and the reason I DON’T go crazy…well…crazier. She has been through so much with me and because of me, yet she stills considers me her best friend (or, at least, ONE of her besst friends). She was my birthing coach (Lamaze classes in our small redneck town were….interesting….), was there when my son was born, is his Aunt Nicki and godmother, and she has helped me try to raise him to be a good young man (and hopefully an even better MAN some day).

    She’s been through a lot in her life…perhaps not as much as some, but more than others…(like many of us in this world). Yet, she remains a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants in life and is not afraid to go after it. I watched her struggle with her father’s passing and my heart broke for her & her mother. They are my extended family and I would do anything for them – after all….they have always been there for me (even if i didn’t always deserve it).

    I love this gal…she will always be my sister and my very best friend. I’m so proud of her and there are no words to aptly describe how much she truly means to me. She is one of my heores…I hope I can be more like her when I grow up!

    Love you, Nic! ❤

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