Winding Lane

Random Lane:

Do you know what I love to eat?  The chicken and wild rice soup from Panera.  That is some good stuff!

Excellent songs on the Muzak, today.  Can’t ever complain when Annie Lennox and Fiona Apple are featured.

I need to find out how to contact Dianne Brill, and see if she would be willing to participate in the Women Worth Knowing project.  Dianne Brill is my pilot.  Sometimes Paulina Porizkova, my co-pilot, gets to fly the plane, but Dianne and her brazilliant Boobs, Boys and High Heels book is always somewhere in the flight center of my brain.

When I was in jr. high and high school, I kept clippings of my favorite models/outfits/ads in a scrapbook.  Paulina featured heavily.  I luffed her.  She, Yasmeen Ghauri, and Christy Turlington were my top three.  Really, was there anyone more striking than Ghauri working back then?  It’s a rhetorical question.  The answer is no.  That woman was the apex of beauty.

I couldn’t name a model today if you slapped me with her.  Well, Gisele.  Everyone knows Gisele.  And I know Agyness Deyn.  Outside of that?  Nope.  Oh, Crystal Renn.  I know who she is.

I still love fashion, but these days, I like to see what people are wearing to parties.  I look forward to my Town & Country magazine for that reason.  I flip straight to the party pictures.  In fact, when I was deciding whether or not my party dress for last weekend had too much cleavage, I went to a couple of T&C party pages to see what the idle rich were wearing. 

According to the T&C party pages, I had a perfectly acceptable level of laciviousness.  Of course, every other woman there was buttoned up to the collar bone.  Moral of the story:  Do not use NYC party photos to guide your fashion for a Fort Worth party.  NYC skin baring is to Fort Worth skin baring what Catwalk is to Ho Stroll.

I need to start yoga again.  Timing is everything, though.  Sheesh.

Such a beautiful day outside.  2 more hours and I can go enjoy.

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