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For Kly: Easy to Wear Professional

I hate to call this the Look for Less, but it really is.  You can use this link to find all the details on the clothing shown below.  With these two different jersey dresses (or reasonable facsimiles), and four different tops, you have a decent professional wardrobe.  Adding in a pair of neutral colored trousers and a couple of neutral blouses would take you into 3 weeks worth of different ensembles.

With the exception of the shoes, which I chose for Kly’s consideration to showcase attractive, comfortable shoes that would work well for moving across campus at the speed of coed, and with the exception of the accessories chosen to resemble items I have, I own all of the pieces in this collection.

Both dresses are from the Norma Kamali for WalMart line, and are a slinky jersey fabric.  Think Chico’s Travelers collection.  The dresses fit beautifully, have very nice drape, and don’t wrinkle.  Bonus!  I paid $20 for each of them, but if you follow the link above, I think you can get to the website and find them on clearance sale.  If they aren’t available, just look for similar items.  You can’t beat a good dress.

Alone these dresses are lovely, and you can do a lot to accessorize with just jewelry.  Obviously, you couldn’t wear the strapless to work without a jacket, but it makes an interesting and modest neckline under something else.  Got a date after work?  Take off the jacket, et voila.  Add colored or patterened tights, and you have a whole new look to carry these dresses through winter.

Top left is a coral blazer from Old Navy.  This is a boxy fit that reminds me of the 80s.  I felt like a Seventeen Magazine cover from 1987 the entire time I wore it–that was a very good thing!  $29 to relive my youth.  Priceless.  Clockwise, the white shirt is from the WalMart Just My Size collection.  I have this in turquoise, and got it for $6.  Fits beautifully, and the ruching is very flattering.  It’s very Candice Bergin from Boston Legal–looks crisp and professional, but is very comfy.  The leopard jacket pictured is an exact copy of the Grace Collective brand I bought at Ross for $14.99.  I do think animal prints should be used sparingly, but I couldn’t resist this jacket.  The black and white striped shirt is from the Norma Kamali collection and costs $10.

Ladies, you can wear horizontal stripes.  Here is the trick:  Just don’t wear them from the hips down.  Thick horizontal stripes on a fitted shirt or sweater can actually slim you, by creating the illusion of a waist if you don’t have much of one.  Skinny stripes work best on slimmer figures.  Avoid Hamburgler tights unless you are under 21 and frequent Hot Topic.



Happy. That about covers it.

One thought on “For Kly: Easy to Wear Professional

  1. Ooh! this is wonderful! This is EXACTLY the kind of thinking I need to be doing. See, all my wardrobe tends to black/grey/off-white, it’s very dull, because I never think of adding cool colours to it. Or else I go overboard and look like a primary colour painting from head to toe. But a BASIC wardrobe of black/grey/white with some cool colours would be great.

    Must go contemplate, and will click on your website link, thank you!

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