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New Romantic

Trying something a little new here using Polyvore.  If what I wear gets more than one compliment, I’ll show it to you, tell you where to find it, and how much I paid for it.  I do tend to hang on to things forever, and I rarely buy a whole outfit at one time (a piece here, a piece there), so it might not help you know exactly where to shop, but it might give you an idea of what to look for.

Below, you will see what I am wearing today.  At least, you will see an approximation.  I can assure you that nothing I have on comes near costing $1200. 

At the moment, I can’t get the embedding feature to work, so if you’d like to see the collection of what I am wearing today, click this link.

It’s ruffle blouse day.  I love this Miley Cyrus/Max Azaria blouse for the frothy chiffon ruffles, and the one pictured is the exact style.  I love this so much, I also have it in purple.  I bought both at WalMart for $12.  The ruffle cap sleeves are just long enough that they are legal for the office.

I am wearing it over a spaghetti strap tank, with the top three buttons undone, with a vintage, multi-strand necklace underneath.  The necklace is altnerating tiny chains of gold and tiny, creamy pearls.  I think I paid about $20 for the necklace in an antique mall.

The pencil skirt I’m wearing is tan.  I also bought it at WalMart, from their George line.  Believe it or not, WalMart has some good clothes.  I wouldn’t buy shoes there, and their underwear leaves a lot to be desired, but the George, Max Azaria, and especially the Norma Kamali collections have some great looking, long lasting pieces.  I love the Norma Kamali collection in an unholy way.

The pale gold, hidden platform, slingback, peep toes I am wearing are by Carlos Santana (no kidding!  His shoes are amazing!), and I bought them at Ross for $14.99.

I have a seersucker jacket hanging on the back of my chair in case I get cold, or I need to look more professional.  It is a one button blazer from Chadwicks of Boston, and it was $24.99.  I’m not going to recommend this because the fit is slightly off in the arms.  It’s like the sleeves aren’t sewn in correctly.  However, it fits well enough that I’m not going to send it back.  It’ll serve it’s purpose.

The earrings belonged to my Granny.  I suspect they are Avon.

This type of blouse is a great piece to have in your wardrobe because it is so versatile.  Buttoned up it is modest, buttoned down it is edgy. I also pair this top and tank with gray trousers, gray mary janes, and a black cropped sweater for the office.  It looks equally good with blue jeans, and wears well with canvas shorts, too.


Happy. That about covers it.

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