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Style I Understand

This segment of comments came up on a Jezebel post today.  Since it actually sounds like something I could do easily on this blog, I’m asking for your input.  Take a look at this and let me know what you would add to it, or what you think isn’t important. 

Peppermint  I wish there was still a magazine like this today. Fashion magazines have pages and pages of bathing suits, but nothing about looking stylish and put together at the office (hell, I think Corporette may be the only blog that focuses on office fashion).

I can see it now: the cover of the magazine would have Condi Rice in a beautiful blouse or perfectly cut suit. The ads would have pearly J Crew tweed skirts, glittering Banana Republic necklaces, and Tahari suits. There would be a make-up section devoted to covering under-eye circles, covering blemishes (from acne to age spots!), with introspective discussion from women of all ages on what “office appropriate” make-up is — and how to do the bare minimum to look alert and professional in five minutes! With a core audience of women 20-60, there would, of course, be product reviews of anti-aging products, with all the intelligence and scientific explanation of Beauty Brains.

The clothes section — oh, the clothes section! Rather than hawking denim miniskirts, the magazine would skim the stable of women’s office clothes sellers for “timeless essentials” and “lol look at this trendy thing!” every issue, and offer advice for dressing cute items up to office standards. It would explain how to choose a suit, how to choose clothes to go under the suit…

Oh, and there would totally be underwear reviews. Like, Spanx section! And “these leggings are cheap shit, don’t buy them.” And accessories! And shoes!

The true charm of the magazine would come from an interview once a month with a powerful businesswoman, interviewed looking gorgeous but in workwear, explaining how she got where she was and offering both career and fashion advice. Oh, and there would be less input from “celebrity stylists” and more from, like, “Executive Suiting Guru at Ann Taylor XYZ.” Or maybe celebrity stylists who, like, tell you how to do really cute celebrity hairstyles but tone them down for the workplace. Yeah.

Wow, that was a long ramble of my imagination of the perfect magazine. Anyway, dammit, magazine industry, I wear office wear five days a week and street wear two days a week! I know you want to sell fantasies, but I need to buy suits!



Happy. That about covers it.

3 thoughts on “Style I Understand

  1. Absolutely! Only run it as a blog (would cost you nothing but time). Articles on office-appropriate fashion in five minutes. Possibly – my particular interest – Fashion for Academics With No Fashion Sense (this is pretty much all of us …) I am very tired of my black-pants-and-a-sweater uniform which is all I wear from about 6 weeks into term; would be delighted to have other ideas suggested to me. You could incidentally monetize this like whoa with links to useful products (and reviews of them), and by letting people advertise around the sides.

    1. Oh, it would have to be run as a blog. I’m not disciplined enough to do print…lol!
      Fashion for Academics is a good one. My professors ran the gamut from dress suits to just barely dressing better than the average student. Comfort and functionality, and shoes that can get you across campus in five minutes are definite needs, yes?

      1. Comfortable shoes that aren’t ugly! I have comfortable shoes, but they are all ugly. This is why I always wear pants; because I cannot find shoes that I can wear with a skirt and still run in, as I frequently need to since I’m usually running late for a class on the other side of campus. Also I’ll be standing for the entire class, so silly shoes just don’t work. But this means that except in summer, when sandals are an option, I cannot wear a skirt.

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