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Women Worth Knowing: Meet Jamie Anne

Jamie Anne was my first friend in Texas.  We met at daycamp in the summer of 1981, where we promptly formed a club with our photo negatives, Moddy and Sheila, and terrorized the administration with threats of bake sales and matching t-shirts.  Our puzzled parents were called about our “gang activities”, and we were forced to spend our nap times on opposite sides of the gymnasium.  We just thought it was weird that they were making 11 year olds take naps anyway.  That’s us, up there, in 1989 and again in 2009.

Somehow, though we never went to school together, we managed to make best of friends and keep best of friends for the past 29 years.  Jamie is my sister.

The best things about her:  She is, bar none, the kindest woman I know.  She has a huge heart.  She’ll help you with anything you need, she’ll give it to you if she’s got it, she’ll find it if she doesn’t.  She is generous with her life.  In all the years I have known her, she has never been afraid to share anything, and has never once hesitated to offer material goods, time, assistance, or just a kind word to anyone.  Jamie is good people.

Currently, she maintains a blog dedicated to helping people save money, by sharing deals, coupons, and specials running local to her.  Her link is in my blogroll to the right.  Frugal in Wonderland.  A domestic goddess, I bow to her superiority when it comes to running a household.  Frankly, I’m just a better person for knowing her.

Name: Jamie Anne
Age Range: 30’s
Preferred Job Title: Domestic Goddess, Momma, Frugalista
Industry:  I am a house wife and stay at home parent, I moonlight as a thrifty shopper….a coupon shopper.

Describe your family:
My family is 4 people strong. My husband, Wes. My kiddos A and S. A is a middle school student and my oldest, S is still in elementary school… We are boat people, we have a little boat and we really enjoy it. Wes is into robotics, computers and building things from scratch. A plays a French Horn. S is a song bird and I enjoy movies and books about Zombies.

What does the first hour of your day look like?
Zomg. I am NOT a morning person, not at all. I groan, I hit the snooze button, my husband would tell you I am quite difficult in the morning…Heh. I get up, get dressed, and get coffee. Coffee is essential. Srsly. Start breakfast, wake my daughter, make lunches, prod my daughter along, make my husband’s coffee and breakfast, kiss my husband goodbye *breathe* take S to school *breathe* come home, wake A, make A’s breakfast, prod A to keep him moving…take A to school…Oops I went a little past an hour. My bad. That’s my first 2 hours.

The last hour?
Chill. Wes and I usually watching something off the DVR. We sit on the couch and veg out. That’s about it.

What makes you feel successful?
My wonderful family. Being a wife and mother are the very best and hardest jobs I’ve ever had. Knowing that I do my best each day for those I love most make me feel like a success.

A successful coupon shopping trip also makes me feel very successful. I usually save 50% or more. That makes me feel very successful.

What brings you joy?
My family and my very good friends. An awesome cup of coffee. A new outfit.

What women do you admire?
The women I admire most are all women I know. There are a ton of worthy women out there, but IMO you have to know a girl’s dirt and how they succeed in spite of it to really admire them. I admire my Mother(s), my Sister in Love Michelle, my sister by choice(Lane) and my sweet friend Lashelle.

What advice would you give boys about girls?
We don’t always say what we mean, but we usually have good intentions.

How do you overcome adversity?
Is drinking an option? Kidding. I am not a quitter. I push through, I don’t like to fail.

How do you want to be remembered?
As a good and loving wife, a supportive and loving mom, a true and helpful friend and a frugal deal finder. ;0)


Happy. That about covers it.

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