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Sgt. Pepper Style

Today’s look brought to you almost entirely by Target. 

View the set on here.  Long-sleeved black v-neck shirt, with black trousers, heels, and topped off with a Balmain inspired bandleader waistcoat.

The actual vest, to the left, which I paid $35 for at Target, was part of the 2008 Go International collection.  The model’s hair blends into the mandarin collar, and is hiding the embellishment there.

The best thing about this waistcoat is the fit.  It is cut above the waist in the back, graduating to the navel at the front.  That sort of cut accentuates or creates a waistline.

I usually wear it unbuttoned because I like the shape better, and paired with a long-sleeved, black v-neck from Isaac Mizrahi’s Target collection.  Any old v-neck would do, this one just happens to be my favorite.  I paid about $20 for this one.

The slightly flared trousers are from this season at Lane Bryant, and cost $29.  The shoes are Target peep toes, and cost $20.

If you are practicing the art of dressing to the count of 9, this vest would be a 2.5.  Since it is so highly embellished, I am keeping the accessories to a minimum.  My main accessory is bright lipstick, but I am also wearing Granny’s understated diamond(?) studs, my wedding band, and a small watch.

On watches:  I’m hard on watches, so I don’t buy expensive ones.  I have found that the $12–$24 watches at WalMart are great for me.  I can buy a variety of styles at those prices, which means I can change them out with different ensembles.  It also means they last longer because I’m not beating the same one to death daily.