Paranormal Romance

For all your spicy, sexy vampire needs.

Are you someone who loves a little spice in your reading? Then you’re in luck! Along with Nicole Vlachos, I’ve co-written some steamy paranormal romance novels that are sure to satisfy. Our first book, The Order of the Blood, is a tale of forbidden love and divided loyalties among vampires. Nicole’s subsequent novels, Because the Night and In the Absence of Sun, are both packed with sex and vampire violence.

Published by Black Bed Sheets Books, these books are definitely for mature audiences who love a bit of heat in their reading. So, if you’re ready for a thrilling ride, come join us in our paranormal world!

The Order of the Blood: Vampires in hiding, brothers divided, and a newly turned vampire torn between love and loyalty. Who will come out on top in this sexy and violent battle for freedom?

In the Absence of Sun: A fragmented coven must overcome old wounds and face a very real threat in a world where vampires are being abducted and murdered. Can they save themselves before it’s too late?

Because the Night: A Dallas girl’s night out turns into a nightmare when she runs afoul of a coven of vampires with a unique way of joining together. Trapped in a world of sex and violence, she struggles to find her place and keep her humanity intact.