All About Lane

I am a former beauty queen from Phenix City, Alabama, but instead of sticking to sequins and sashes, I went on to college at the University of Texas at Arlington.  After completing my degree in English Literature, I set out to write the Great American Novel.  I failed.  I can’t hold a straight face long enough to turn out anything remotely serious.  I couldn’t even turn out my firstborn with a straight face, and might be the only woman in history to have delivered a baby to a room full of laughing people.

Previously published in the vampire genre (Order of the Blood, co-authored as Lane Morris with Nicole Vlachos, who can hold a straight face, and published by Black Bedsheet Books, and ghost author of many, many more), I decided to turn my talents to sunnier subjects, writing what I know:  Fried catfish, Southern funerals, sequins, and sass.  Tiara Trouble is the first in a series of three Destinee Faith Miller books to be published with Cozy Cat Press.

After dabbling in cozy mysteries, I thought I’d try my hand at something a little hotter. You can look for Playing All the Angles, by Nicole Lane, to come in the summer of 2014. Romance! Betrayal! Hot guys on motorbikes! Mmmm.

I write the stories I’d like to read, and also the ones I’ve lived that are worth telling.

I blog for fun, and because otherwise, people would be begging me to stop talking.

I live in Texas with my little family and our dog Hoo.  We’re pretty happy.

Hoo, in a moment of peaceful repose. Before murdering my wind chimes.
Hoo, in a moment of peaceful repose. Before murdering my wind chimes.

Celebrity Endorsements:
[lane is] sexy with a little bit of creepy sprinkled here and there.

[Lane is] a goddess-like creature.

[Is] a Disney character in need of show

Zany, outspoken, honest and hilarious

[Lane] is crazy like me!

God!! She is soooo cute! And knowledgeable! And honest! And fearless!

Lane takes sassiness to a whole new level. Worship the Sassiness!

Gloriously funny, incandescently beautiful, wonderfully witty and sublime–once you’re around Lane for a while, everything she says does [make sense]. It may just be that she’s so damned cute, your logic circuits burn out, or maybe just an amendment to the laws of nature. But still…

–she is a pretty rockin’ chick.


9 thoughts on “All About Lane

  1. I have really enjoyed your meditations this month in Forward Day By Day and wonder if you have written more on a spiritual level? I will look for your books and see what they are about but I suspect they are more endearing to a younger audience. So maybe my daughter or granddaughters would enjoy them. I love your sense of humor too.

    1. Thank you so much, Mary! Writing for FDbD has been a huge honor.

      If you have young granddaughters, I’d recommend What if One Day, or My Rainbow World. Tiara Trouble is a cozy mystery, and Playing All the Angles is an adult romance.

  2. Hi Lane, your meditations in Forward Day by Day, July 2016, are among the best I’ve ever read. Like Mary (comment above), I was hoping to find a book or books you’ve written along those same lines. Your books of fiction sound interesting, so I’ll get them. Keep up all the great work!
    Kathleen Hamman

  3. Hi Lane,
    I would love to receive your blogs but do not want to join WordPress, at least not now. The email note that came in seems to have no alternative but joining WordPress. Does this mean that I need to sign into your site myself daily, or is there another way to receive your posts via email?
    Thanks again,

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