I am a former beauty queen from Phenix City, Alabama, but instead of sticking to sequins and sashes, I went on to college at the University of Texas at Arlington.  After completing my degree in English Literature, I set out to write the Great American Novel.  I failed.  I can’t hold a straight face long enough to turn out anything remotely serious.  I couldn’t even turn out my firstborn with a straight face, and might be the only woman in history to have delivered a baby to a room full of laughing people.

Previously published in the vampire genre (Order of the Blood, co-authored as Lane Morris with Nicole Vlachos, who can hold a straight face, and published by Black Bedsheet Books, and ghost author of many, many more), I decided to turn my talents to sunnier subjects, writing what I know:  Fried catfish, Southern funerals, sequins, and sass.  Tiara Trouble is the first in a series of three Destinee Faith Miller books to be published with Cozy Cat Press.

After dabbling in cozy mysteries, I thought I’d try my hand at something a little hotter. You can look for Playing All the Angles, by Nicole Lane, to come in the summer of 2014. Romance! Betrayal! Hot guys on motorbikes! Mmmm.

I write the stories I’d like to read, and also the ones I’ve lived that are worth telling.

I blog for fun, and because otherwise, people would be begging me to stop talking.

I live in Texas with my little family and our dog Hoo.  We’re pretty happy.

Hoo, in a moment of peaceful repose. Before murdering my wind chimes.
Hoo, in a moment of peaceful repose. Before murdering my wind chimes.

Celebrity Endorsements:
[lane is] sexy with a little bit of creepy sprinkled here and there.

[Lane is] a goddess-like creature.

[Is] a Disney character in need of show

Zany, outspoken, honest and hilarious

[Lane] is crazy like me!

God!! She is soooo cute! And knowledgeable! And honest! And fearless!

Lane takes sassiness to a whole new level. Worship the Sassiness!

Gloriously funny, incandescently beautiful, wonderfully witty and sublime–once you’re around Lane for a while, everything she says does [make sense]. It may just be that she’s so damned cute, your logic circuits burn out, or maybe just an amendment to the laws of nature. But still…

–she is a pretty rockin’ chick.