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Welcome Home! Grab a drink and get to reading.

It is highly likely that I am sitting right across the great internet divide from you, this very second.  When I’m not working on the next novel in the Destinee Faith Miller Mystery series, or the next Nicole Lane romance novel, you can find me blogging here at The Outside Lane, toggling back and forth between Facebook, Twitter, and my favorite celebrity gossip sites.

There is plenty to see here.  I’ll keep you updated with news about my novels, as well as bringing you new book reviews, author interviews, and telling you all about anything I find interesting–usually lip gloss.  Feel free to contact me.  You can use the contact form, or email me at lane (at) theoutsidelane (dot) com.

Look around.  Enjoy.  And check out my publishers:
Omnific Publishing is home to my Nicole Lane romance novels. If you love love, be sure to check out all the titles they have to offer.

Cozy Cat Press publishes the Destinee Faith Miller Mystery Series under Lane Buckman. Look there to find a whole slew of other fantastic authors of cozy mysteries.

BBS Books publishes my work as Lane Morris, with co-author, Nicole Vlachos. If vampires, monsters, and bumping in the night are your thing, take a bite out of their list.

3 thoughts on “Inside Lane

  1. Hello Lane ,
    It’s a great day and I’m happy to be here. At this stage of life’s game, I’m happy to be anywhere. I want to give my special thanks to you – today’s host. I’m grateful for your consideration. I’m overjoyed with your glowing review. Thank you.

      1. Hello, Lane. You gave my novel The Goats of Santo Domingo a very kind review. Presently I’ve completed a companion novel entitled, Fender head, that’s due for release in May. If I sent you an advanced copy, would you consider reviewing It?
        Robert McEvilla

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